Ragan Mechanical is Dedicated to a Safe Mechanical Construction Workplace

Ragan Mechanical’s award-winning safety program consistently produces one of the safest work environments in the mechanical contracting industry.

Built on a simple principle, creating a culture of safety so each employee goes home each day safe and injury free. Ragan’s safety program continually strives for GoalZERO, no injuries both on the job and at home.

Ragan’s strong commitment to a safe workplace goes well beyond stating its compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Ragan Mechanical was awarded and maintains VPP STAR Contractor status in OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Programs, at the LyondellBasell, Clinton, IA Plant. STAR Certification is OSHA’s premiere recognition, awarded to companies that have strong safety programs and performance. It’s a tremendous accomplishment for Ragan management and employees to be working partners with OSHA and LyondellBasell. The benefits of being a VPP STAR Contractor has resulted in increased safety awareness and reduced employee injury and illnesses.

Ragan’s Safety Director, Mike Tomsha, has 21 years of experience with the company and takes safety right to the workers on the job site. He conducts safety training, tool box talks, and assists employees on potential hazardous tasks such as confined space entry.

Besides safety education, Ragan does the following:

  • Conducts a formal Job Safety Analysis (JSA) of the job site to evaluate potential hazards, producing a safety plan of hazards and preventive measures for employee protection.
  • Completes safety audits during walk-around inspections of a site to remind workers of accident-prevention and safe work practices.

Measurable Results

Ragan Mechanical consistently achieves an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) that is among the lowest in the industry. Measuring the company’s annual actual accident experience against the insurance industry’s prediction, Ragan yearly achieves an excellent rating score well below 1.0.

The company’s OSHA Recordable Injury Rate, injuries per number of man hours worked, consistently ranks among the best in the industry.

Most importantly, Ragan Mechanical has not recorded a lost time injury for the last 5 consecutive years (as of January 2018) and has also worked safely 26 consecutive years without a lost time injury, at the LyondellBasell, Clinton, IA Plant.

Recent Safety Awards

  • TAUC – The Association of Union Contractors: 2017 Thomas J. Reynolds Award for Construction Safety and Health
  • IA-IL Safety Council / National Safety Council: In Recognition for Hazardous Control Excellence
  • Illowa Construction Labor & Management Council: In Recognition for Outstanding Safety Performance
  • Millennium Captive Insurance Company: Certificate of Achievement for Lost Workday Case Rate, Total OSHA Recordable Rate, DART Rate Below the Industry Average.
  • LyondellBasell: GoalZERO Bright Star Award for GoalZERO Safety Performance

In addition to our many safety awards, we have pre-qualification status with numerous companies including John Deere, Monsanto, Arconic, LyondellBasell, Nestle Purina, Tyson Foods, SSAB, Alliant Energy, Rock Island Arsenal, Gerdau Steel and many others. Ragan also
maintains prequalification with a multitude of general contractors.