5 Energy-Saving Fall-Time Preparations for Homes and Heaters

Autumn is a transitional period when you could easily use the fireplace and the air conditioning on the same day. However, by the time October rolls around in Davenport, Iowa, the average low temperature drops to 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Soon, heaters will be churning, burning, and boiling to life across the Midwest.

You can keep energy costs down from the start of the heating season when you prepare for the cold months ahead. Take advantage of the moderate weather in autumn and follow the five tips below to be energy-wise this fall.

  1. Get Insulated and Sealed

Autumn is a great time to find the cracks and gaps that allow frigid drafts to invade your space. Seal up and caulk openings all around your home, including those around window and door frames. Purchase thermal window treatments that keep warm (or cool) air from escaping out of windows.

Add insulation to your attic if more is needed. Heat rises out of under-insulated attics to the cold air above the roof. Keep that warm air inside your home by beefing up attic and other insulation.