Understanding Whole-House Ventilation Systems and Their Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the keys to creating a healthy home environment is proper ventilation. Without sufficient air movement, residents are more likely to be exposed to allergens, mold, radon gas and other contaminants.

That is why homeowners should take steps to improve air ventilation inside their homes. While there are many ways to increase the volume and quality of air moving throughout a home, the best way to improve ventilation is to install a whole-house ventilation system.

This guide offers more information about whole-house ventilation and includes an explanation of two commonly used options, as well as an examination of the advantages and disadvantages of each system.

Four Reasons to Let the Professionals Winterize Your Home Plumbing System

Once a hard freeze hits, it’s too late to prepare your pipes and water system for winter. If you haven’t sealed and protected your plumbing system before cold weather arrives, you can face burst pipes, a locked-up well pump or worse.
It’s best to let a professional inspect and prepare your home in autumn for the upcoming frigid months. A scheduled service call in October or November can save you from serious home damage in January. There are four important reasons to call a pro to winterize your plumbing.